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Academic Work – How to Become an Attractive Employer?

Academic Work – How to Become an Attractive Employer

Academic Work has won the “Brilliant Awards – Employee Experience” three years in a row. This award is given to companies that, according to the answers from the company’s employee survey, have the most engaged employees. What exactly is Academic Works secret recipe?

Full of energy and ambitious. It is enough to step in the door of one of Academic Works offices to feel the bubbling culture. Home of the Young Professional – a promise that has defined Academic Works core business for over 20 years. Academic Work was born as a response to the challenges that new graduates often face. What should I do now? What am I good at? And how do I apply for a job? Helping young professionals find answers to these questions remains foundational and is central to the high-powered culture Academic Work proves to have. But how do they succeed?

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